a dream of spring

Join us for our annual spring celebration at Alcove | Big Bar in an evening filled with themed cocktail, bites and features.
This year, we are going deep into our love for Game of Thrones as we transform our patio and interior spaces into Westeros and beyond the Wall with unique cocktail experiences. And... we just may have constructed the Wall.
Other features include:
(Big) Bar Island
Taking a nod from our favorite House (Bear Island) - we have created a bevy of GOT themed cocktails which include:

The Onion Knight - ford's gin | dry vermouth | onion infused dirty sue bitters | pickled onion
ron del barrilito 2 star rum | mango infused campari | worthy park rum bar overproof rum | pineapple | lime
Take the Black
hennessy black cognac | mr black coffee liqueur | whipsaw rye whiskey | averna | miracle mile walnut bitters | angostura bitters | cherry
Mead Me at the Red Keep
jack daniel's | lemon | lucky falernum | jun kombucha (mead)

Cersei's Cellar
We are delighted to offer the official GOT wine as our a cheery wine merchant of the Red Keep entreat you to nothing but Cersei’s finest selection. Each pour will be Cersei sized of course.

Gazebo of Black and White
Here, our guest will be greeted by a hooded figure. Is it Jaqen H'ghar? No, it’s just one of our employees in a robe… or is it? We will have built a hall of faces (fingers crossed) and there, you will find the test: a clear potion served from a wooden bowl… drink and know your fate. Valar Morghulis.

The General’s Tent
Welcome to the map table. What house do you pledge? Your answer will determine the special single malt scotch pour.

North of the Wall
Legend has it that beyond the Wall, there is a land of always winter. There, you may find a white walker highball station along with rumors... of a giant ice dragon.

~ Valar Dohaeris ~